Thank you Columbia, SC!

Our first stop today was at Wild Wings in Columbia, SC. A huge crowd came out to ask questions and get some good food.

The Q&A was conducted by Braves radio broadcaster Jim Powell.  Participants were alumni Paul Assenmacher and Zane Smith and #2 Braves prospect Freddie Freeman.

Good stories about why players love Bobby so much, and how Freddie is progressing through the Braves system. Freddie spoke highly of his teammate and best friend, Jason Heyward and said he can live up to the hype. 

Fantastic questions were asked by the knowledgable fans, prizes were handed out as were autographs from all the participants.

Will you be joing the Caravan on any of the stops???

One comment

  1. vc10chip

    Sorry I missed you had a doctor appointment and did not make it there in time. You see my name vc10chip sure would have love to see Chipper again. It is a little far to travel to Atlanta but do not miss the games on TV if at all possible. GOOD LUCK ALL YOU GUYS.

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