Caravan Runs Through the ATL

Wow!  What a great day in Atlanta.  Where do we start?

The Braves hosted a special Q&A session for some of our season ticket holders hosted by Braves radio announcer Jim Powell.  Some great questions were asked (umpires, state of the team for 2010, etc.) while the folks chowed down on some classic food.

The rest of the crew stayed back and signed autographs for the season ticket holders.

The next stopped was spectacular!  The entire caravan crew plus approximately 25 members of the Braves front office made their way to Decatur, GA to help out the folks at MedShare International.  MedShare takes donations of medical supplies that are headed for landfills and turns around and sends the supplies to countries all over the world who are in dire need for the supplies.

The caravan then made it’s way to Publix on Sandy Plains Road in Marietta.  The turnout was nothing short of AMAZING!  Wow – thank you to everyone who braved the cold to get an autograph.  The fellas were there for two hours and that still wasn’t enough time to get to all the people who came out to support us. 

When the players boarded the bus to head back to Turner Field, Peter Moylan and David Ross saw a young fan crying outside the bus.  Seeing her upset they asked if we could bring her aboard.  It seems she was upset she didn’t get to go through the line for autographs.  Well, she had her own personal autograph session with everyone on the bus and as she got off, the crowd cheered!

An incredible day!  Now off to McDonough and Macon tomorrow.  We’re visiting Jason Heyward’s former high school, a children’s hospital and the Academy Sports and Outdoors in Macon.  Hope to see you there!





    Not knowing at the time that the Braves players and staff had a full day in Atlanta before heading to the caravan in Marietta. I was one of thousands who didn’t get a chance to get an autographs after standing in line for 3 and half hour with my son. I thought the whole reason is to meet the players and to SALE SEASON TICKETS. The P.R. and the arrangement was not acceptabile.

    Maybe spread the players out to different location instead all at one place so everyone has a chance to at lease meet one player and get an autograph.

    I’m changing my mind on getting season tickets, if the organization doesn’t care about the fans.


  2. billydya

    The Braves caravan situation yesterday in Marietta was a joke. Stand in line in the cold for three hours to be told my son and I weren’t going to get any autographs. There should have had a designated number of people to get autographs and send the rest of us home. Why let us wait in the cold for three hours if they knew we weren’t going to get an autograph. As far as I am concerned the Braves organization made a complete debacle with the way things were handled. They did take our email and are supposed to mail us something but still the damage is done. How are we going to trust these guys to bring us a World Series championship when they can’t even run a two hour autograph session correctly.


    I agree that it was a joke! People were coming out of the signing with an armful of things signed. Someone told me that one guy came in with a bucket of balls to be signed. How about only allowing 1 signed item per person in line! Guys that were further up in line came back to friends further back in the line to get items to have them signed for them. I can understand that the players had a long day and don’t need to stay endlessly, but the people running this need to realize if there are that many people, to move the line along. They tried to make nice by taking our email to get an autographed item sent by mail. I can get an autographed item sent by mail from ebay. I waited in the cold in line for 3 hours with my boy just to get up close and SEE the players. We were about 75 people short of making it to the front when the players left. All this debacle did is dampen his spirit to see the braves this year. He was not crying outside of the bus, but believe me he was VERY disappointed!


    A buddy and I drove 4+ hours from Decatur, AL to get a chance to meet the Braves. The next closest stop for us is in Hoover on Saturday, but the line-up is considerably lacking. When we got there, it was already apparent that we weren’t going to see anything other than the backs people standing in front of us in the line. Eventually some wormy PR guy came out and told us to give him our e-mail address so we could eventually receive an autograph from an unnamed starter at a probably much, much later date. Sorry, that doesn’t fix the situation of 400-600 people still standing outside that hardly saw the Braves’ bus, let alone the Braves themselves. One, I’m not giving a stranger on the side of the road my e-mail just because he has a Braves shirt on. Two, the compensation was nowhere near the worth of meeting the Braves themselves. I wanted Chipper Jones to sign one gameday program with his face on it with me standing in front of him; how does a Brooks Conrad stamp on a index card in the mail 10 weeks later ‘make it better’? I’d rather he just came out and said “Look, there’s no hope. Go home.” Three, it wasn’t all about autographs. I’m not a child, I don’t need 25 autographs to be appeased. Like I said, I wanted ONE thing signed by ONE of the 8 players/coaches there, the rest of the value was just being able to shake a guy you wouldn’t normally meet’s hand and say ‘hey, good luck this season’, something of which an ’email blast’ (whatever that is) can’t duplicate. And finally, four, perhaps if they didn’t let the numerous 50 year-old men wearing Ebay power-seller shirts and their two buckets of baseballs, 19 lithographs, and a lifetime’s worth of ticket stubs take up everyone time, who knows how many people could have made it through.

    The bottom line, whole thing was poorly organized. And sorry, but one heartwarming ending doesn’t make up for other hundreds of sob-stories that were left outside dealing with incompetent PR scabs.


    First, I do appreciate the idea behind the caravan where the Braves come to the fans. That I’m sure was intended to reach out to people who might not otherwise get engaged with the standard event at The Ted. Second, I appreciate the time given by those there to sign autographs and greet the fans. That I’m sure is an exhausting way to spend hours so we can appreciate you can’t stay until everyone that might show up gets a signature.

    That said, this was extremely poorly run by the Braves organization. We’ve experienced much more organized and logical interactions with other college and pro teams so it can be done right. If the point was to interact with as many fans (and potential ticket buyers) as possible, then letting a few dominate the limited time with multiple items to sign, pictures to take, and conversations to have is not going to make it. My kids took it well and I appreciate the kindness shown to the one crying child, but so many more were disappointed and didn’t get that interaction (including mine). A signed “whatever” that comes from “someone” on the Braves is not equal to the meeting of them and having something of the child’s signed in their presence. I appreciate the attempt at a gesture and if there had simply been too many people, I’d applaud it, but that wasn’t the reason people didn’t get through line. It may have defused some of the ill feelings of those left out, but it didn’t approximate what should have happened.

    Please fix this for those who come to the rest of the caravan stops as this was unnecessary and unfair!

  6. sooz

    I agree that maybe they should have cut the line off at some point. BUT I don’t know who in their right mind would think they could show up 30 minutes before the Braves players were going to be there and still be able to get an autograph especially when you see hundreds if not thousands of people already in line. I got there at 1:00pm and I was probably about 50th in line. People knew they were going to have to stop signing at a certain time and that’s when your common sense needs to kick in. If you still have hundreds and hundreds of people ahead of you and there is only an hour left to sign… come on people. Also, just because you saw someone with an armful of items walking out the door doesn’t mean they had all 8 players sign all of the items. I personally had several things for them to sign but that was because I had special items for Chipper Jones, Tim Hudson, and Chris Medlen to sign as did the two people I had with me. So, I walked out with an armful of stuff but that doesn’t mean I took up all their time. They each signed one thing per person. Yes, people had lots of baseballs for them to sign. There were 8 Braves. That’s 8 baseballs and if they had a kid with them that’s 16 baseballs! First come first serve. I’m personally kind of upset I couldn’t sign up for an email for a free autograph to be sent to me even if it is a Brooks Conrad stamp. I’m not just a Chipper Jones fan. I’m a Braves fan and it doesn’t seem like some of you can say the same.

  7. I have to disagree with you. How can you say that ANYONE who stood in line for over 2 hours is not a true fan? If you are such a true fan why can’t you spell Kris Medlen’s name correctly (not Chris). I was one of the ones who showed up 30 minutes before they were going to sign and never made it to the front of the line. I did drive for over an hour to get there and stood in the cold with my 15 month old son for almost three hours for nothing. I was also promised a signed item by mail but it still isn’t the same as getting a signature in person. They could have at least had 2 lines of four players each or something to that extent. How can you be kind of upset you couldn’t sign up for an email for a free autograph when you were lucky enough to get all of their autographs? Yes looking back maybe I should have arrived a little earlier but don’t say that the rest of us are not in our right minds or don’t have common sense or not true fans just because we are disappointed.


    The Braves are good to their fans, but if you are looking to go to one of these caravans and you want to make absolute SURE that you get an autograph, take this advice. Get to the location 3 hours before the scheduled start time. I went to the Marietta Publix yesterday?arrived a little over 1 hour before the start time, waited for 3 hours in the cold, and went away with nothing to show for my time except cold feet. They cut the line at least 50 people in front of me, so I never had a chance. I feel bad for the tons of people behind me in line?there was easily at least another 1,000 people behind me! So get there EARLY EARLY EARLY or you will be very dissapointed. 😦

  9. bdiddy

    I’d kill for a Brooks Conrad stamp after all the autographs I just got from the Marietta Publix. I had to make 2 trips to get all this crap signed for me and my 37 family members I had cut in front of me in line so all you suckas couldn’t get anything signed. And to whoever put Chris Medlen, please send me one of your 3 pictures that you got autographed from him. He sounds like a winner we have met him so many times. Oh, and all you people that showed up too late missed how funny David Ross is. Us folks that showed up when the line wasn’t backed up to Home Depot and actually got an autograph (multiple things) got to hear him and Timmy Hud crack off some jokes. They told Sooz to call them that. Brooks for PREZ!!!!!!! 2012 BABY

  10. sooz

    I think you meant to direct that comment at me, Good call on the Medlen typo. I’m aware of how to spell his name, it just slipped my mind at the time. Maybe it’s because I’ve done this before but I know if you want to make sure you’re going to get what you want.. you arrive early. “The early bird gets the worm”. I don’t consider myself “lucky” that I got autographs. I showed up several hours earlier than you did as did most of the people that were allowed autographs. We weren’t lucky. We made sure we were there early enough to definitely get them. I stood out in the cold for almost 5 hours. Why do YOU get something in the mail for showing up late? I know you weren’t “late” but I hope you get my point. Autographs weren’t promised and like I said it was first come first serve. It’s an unfortunate situation for some but lesson learned.. Next time – get there earlier.

  11. sooz

    And aiverson is right.. not to rub it in but the David Ross, Peter Moylan, Tim Hudson, and KRIS Medlen table was hilarious.

    You guys should show up to the next stop at a decent time to meet them.


    I think the signing went great. I was ready for the large crowd and showed up at 2pm…the signing was free and there were some big name players there. I knew the crowd would be large. It took me about 50 to get through the line and get all of my items signed. I don’t know why people are upset. People have to realize the line has to stop and if you are behind it, you just have to suck it up and go home. Not complain or talk about not getting season tickets now because the arrangement was terrible. If you got your season tickets you would have been able to go to a private meet and greet with those players and avoided the line. I bet you did not think about that one…The problem now is everyone is ready for the long lines and will show up earlier…I guess I will have to show up at noon…lol…I bet if the Braves charged 25 bucks for the autograph, more than half of the people would not have waited in line, so people should be grateful they had the chance to meet the players (for FREE). Next time, I won’t talk to the players as long and not get my 20 items signed, so Johnny boy 1500 people back gets a chance to meet Chipper Jones.


    First off, Thanks to the Atlanta Braves for putting this event on. Secondly, It was poorly organized, the first rep for the PR department did not arrive until 4:10. I arrived at 12:15 and got in line, prob 30 people back. I got my one item signed per person. I understand its tough to accomodate all fans, but anyone who has been to these events in the past, you know when they put that Superstar name on there, you should arrive at least 3 hours prior to. And I agree, true fans would pay the 25 dollars, but this is about giving back to the community I think. It’s ashame they cannot reach all fans, as I was once on the end of the line that missed Sheffield on a previous caravan a few years back. Lastly, The Braves will not continue to do these events when they see a sports cards store van in the parking lot. Im public in saying that things likethat ruin the hobby for people that collect and people who want there childrens once in a lifetime moment to have that ear to ear smile because Chipper Jones is a foot away from them! Go Braves!


    I went out to the Caravan Moday. My wonderful wife drove up from Auburn with me and we made sure to get to the Publix early since any event with free Chipper Jones and Tim Hudson autographs is sure to be packed. It was an awesome experience. We waited for a long time in the cold but all the players were nice and made conversation with my wife and I. My wife?s cousin, who she is very close to, played college ball with Hudson and Ross. They talked with her for a bit about that and also asked if she was doing OK from her cancer recovery (my wife?s cousin had told Hudson about her). We were touched that they would ask and pleased with our experience there.

    To those that are complaining about not getting anything there: we made friends with one of the public relations people for the Braves on their Auburn Caravan stop and she said they did not expect that many people to be there. They also had not planned to mail any autographs out but when they realized how many people showed up they knew they had to do something. I think that was awesome of them!


    Some people must not have day jobs so I guess they can arrive any hour of the day at some of these events. Probably don’t have kids with them either so they can stand in the cold for hours at a time without worrying about anything. It seems that no matter what time you arrive you’re gonna have to wait at least 3 hours unless you are handicapped. I’ll just sit back and wait on my Brooks Conrad autograph to come in the mail since I’ve met Chipper before anyway. I was actually hoping to get my Chino Cadahia minor league rookie card signed…lol


    Seems to me these caravans should be about the fans, not the Ebay a-holes I got there about 3:30, a little late, next time I’ll know to get there earlier, and missed by about 75 people. I can live with that. Problem is not the Braves, it’s the jerks who cut in line and get a box of balls and hats signed. There were plenty of them there, several drove by after, windows down, holding hats and balls out the window for sale. There should be a limit of 2 autographs per person and I wouldn’t mind if the autographs were for kids only, say 15 and under. I gave my email address and still haven’t gotten an email concerning whatever merchandise they’re going to send us. Whatever. Win some, lose some.

  17. billydya

    You people that showed up at 1:00 o’clock…don’t you have jobs??? For the rest of us that have jobs that require us to actually work getting there three hours ahead of time isn’t an option.
    The Braves fans that spend their hard earned money in this economy on game tickets should be the ones this caravan should be targeting not a bunch of ebay’ers whose motive is to make money and are willing to get there three hours early to make sure they get 10 Chipper signed baseballs.


    @aiverson03phi76 “37 family members” . . . Are you Mexican?

    @kazonlocke I find it funny that you wouldn’t give the Braves’ staff your e-mail address, but yet you have it post on this page.

    I knew I should have gottin’ there earlier than 3:30, but my son was in school. Maybe I’ll go to the one on the 13th and be there at 5AM. That’s a true Braves fan (I guess?)


    Actually, most of the people I spoke to do have jobs. Like me, I work at night, so all that I have to do is miss a little sleep. Others work from home and have the option to leave for the day. And just because a person gets multiple items signed does not mean they are going to sell the stuff on ebay. I am a HUGE collector and enjoy showing off the pieces. Everyone that has commented as already stated that each person got ONE item from each player, so your comment about 10 chipper signed balls is retarded. And if the braves decided to make the caravan for people who have tickets, well that would be fine with me, as I have already bought a package and have my tickets for SPRING TRAINING in Florida. But I am not a real fan, I am only in it for the money on ebay. I guess that is the stereo type that will follow me, since I show up 3 or 4 hours early. Oh yeah, Just FYI…there are only a few items on ebay that was listed after the signing, and most of those items have proof that the items were signed at other locations. So, please do not lable everyone has a ebay a—hole just because they were thinking ahead and showed up early to a…1. card, 2. hat. 3. ball 4. picture 5. jersey 6. mini helmet 7. magazine 8. ticket stub…signed….WOW eight different items for the eight players that were there signing…but I guess all of that stuff will get sold on ebay. I hope everyone has a great day and I am sure I will see everyone at the next caravan stops.

  20. sooz

    I had 3 people in my group including me and we all have full time jobs. Not everyone works a standard Mon-Fri 9-5 job, chumps.

    @raylon – You’re an ignorant piece of trash for the Mexican comment. I’ll be at the stadium on the 13th. You better hope I don’t see you! Your comment to kazonlocke was pretty funny though bro.

    @sepulthrax – I’ve seen Chino several times in the past couple of weeks. Send me your Brooks Conrad stamp and I’ll send you a Chino autograph.

    @ aiverson03phi76 – Do you like all things that are good?

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